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The brand has released an update to its Idralia cream

Florence perfumery-cosmetic brand Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella has introduced a new means for the face of the line Idralia (“Italia”). It included the mask, exfoliant, moisturizing concentrate and moisturizing night cream based on plant components. The new items complement the moisturizer Idralia already represented in the home collection. All together they make four daily ritual of deep hydration, necessary for health and natural beauty of the skin.

To purchase new tools Santa Maria Novella in the official boutique of the brand on the Big Dmitrovka or online. The cost of a mask-exfoliant — 6 480 rubles, concentrate — 5 360 rubles, cream — 7 440 rubles, and a night mask — 7 600 rubles.



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