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Experts have detected an unexpected harm from the habit of quickly making the bed.


People easily divided into two types according to how quickly after sleep, they make the bed. So, disciplined people rush quickly to eliminate the mess and bring the bed in perfect view, and the lazy can leave crumpled blankets and pillows until the evening. Now, however, it turned out that prone to such disorder, the people doing everything right.

British scientists in the study found that no need to rush to make the bed immediately after sleep. It is no secret that in bedding dust live mites that do not pose a serious danger to humans. But where there are ticks there and their excrement. The habit of quickly making the bed leads to the fact that these substances are released into the air in large quantities and get into the lungs. But the troubles dust mites do not end there.

According to experts, in the morning under a blanket to be about half a million ticks. There for reproduction there is a fertile environment is humid and warm atmosphere. If the bed to fill immediately after waking up, the mites will continue to multiply under the blanket.

All this increases the risk of developing serious allergic reactions in some people. Scientists warn that these substances are able to cause bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

Scientists recommend after waking up to overturn the blanket and ventilate the room. If possible – put linen in the fresh air, at least 10 minutes. Only then can you make the bed.

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