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Brand Artdeco for spring season has prepared its new makeup collection Mediterranean Life. Bright and at the same time, gentle color palette will help to create the most amazing makeup.

The bright sun of the Mediterranean, light summer breeze, a gentle breeze. The spring collection from Artdeco was such, that I want this second to give up everything and go traveling. Although the collection is full of bright colors, it can help create light, natural and romantic look. A special delicacy of the collection gives a combination of cold and warm tones of shadows.

A collection of Mediterranean Life Collection Spring 2019 includes the following tools:

  • mono-eyeshadow
  • brow gel
  • means duet makeup eyebrows
  • translucent matifying powder
  • blush
  • nail Polish (3 shades)
  • lipstick (5 shades)
  • waterproof pencils for eyes and lips

Consider a collection of details.

Matifying powder Artdeco Mediterranean Life No Color Setting Powder

No Color Setting Powder — transparent fixing powder with light reflecting particles. Does not change the complexion, mattifies and sets makeup securely. Special ingredients and exceptional manufacturing technology ensures that the powder is optimally diffuses the incident light, adapting to new sources of light throughout the day, optimally distributed and does not cause dryness of the skin.

In addition, a transparent fixing powder does not neglect the aspect of care: part of the squalane provides a pleasant sensation of silky skin, Irish moss is rich in minerals and seawater provide the skin care. Contains no fragrances, parabens and mineral oil.

Price: 27,95 €

Mono eyeshadow Artdeco Eyeshadow Mediterranean Life

The shade of Mediterranean Life Artdeco Eyeshadow have a high content of mineral substances and no synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives. In this mineral complexability care of the delicate skin of the eyelids. The shadows are perfect for applying wet or dry applicator.

This product can be combined, as Reily sold in separate boxes and can be stored in a convenient magnetic case, which is loaded with five shades of mono eyeshadow or two shades of eye shadow and one blush refil.

In the collection of Mediterranean Life presents six new shades, which include matte, shimmery and pearl shades with overflow:

  • 115 Рearly Pleasant Breeze — pearl beige-bronze shade

  • 44A Pearly Light Pistachio — pistachio shade with Golden glitter, pearl

  • 570 Matt Terrazzo — muted pink, matte

  • 69A Pearly Smoke Blue — gray blue pearl

  • 84A Blue Iris — deep cornflower blue shade, shimmering

  • 88A Pearly Soft Lilac — cool lilac-pink shade with a pearl sheen

Shades 115, 69, 84Shades 84, 88, 115Shades 88 and 115

Price: 5,45 €

Brow gel Artdeco Brow Filler Mediterranean Life

With the help of brow gel Brow Filler Mediterranean Life you will be able to get a perfect voluminous eyebrows. Thanks to the finest fibres in the composition, the gel fills the space between the hairs, which gives the eyebrows a more well-groomed, voluminous, but natural look. The updated formula of the gel contains argan oil, vitamin a, vitamin E and ginseng extract, which further nourishes the hairs. At the finish of the gel does not Shine.

The tool is available in 4 colors:

  • 1 — golden sand

  • 2 — light brown

  • 3 — brown

  • 6 — soft brunette

Price: 9,95 €

Tool for eyebrow 2in1 Mediterranean Life Artdeco Brow Powder Duo & Liner

The famous remedy for eyebrow Powder Duo Brow & Liner released in a new shade — 12 ebony, especially for the spring collection.

Automatic pencil on one end will allow you to outline the eyebrow, setting the base. Also it is possible to draw and paint error. Powder complete with applicator sponge will give you the opportunity to visually enhance the eyebrow, make it volume and to give a natural look. The tool does not spread and are not smeared. Contains vitamin E.

Price: 14,95 €

Blusher Artdeco Blusher Mediterranean Life

Blush, represented a very wide color palette, added two more amazing shades. Each shade can be purchased separately and compile their individual combination.

Mediterranean Life Blusher conquer its nuances and ability to adapt to skin tone and keep fresh color for a long time. The product has soft and gentle texture. May be applied more or less intensively. Blush can be stored in magnetic cases for replacement blocks.

Shades collection Mediterranean Life:

  • 28A Holiday Flirt — a cool pink shade

  • 33A Little Romance — a delicate peach shade

Makeup used blush in the shade 28 A

Price: 8,95 €

Nail Polish Artdeco Mediterranean Life

Nail Polish Mediterranean Life has a glossy, high-density, quick-drying and lasts a long time. All components are perfectly combined with each other, starting from the infinitely elegant design, finishing and texture with active ingredients that care and nourish the nail. Innovative brush Perfect Coat Pinsel facilitates the application of nail Polish, creating a neat and uniform manicure. At the finish has the effect of vinyl gloss.

Shades of spring collection:

  • 708 Blooming day

  • 712 Bougainvillea

  • 951 Mediterranean style

Price: 8,95 €

Lipstick Mediterranean Life Perfect Color Lipstick

The main line of the popular lipsticksPerfect Color Lipstick enriched spring shades collection of Mediterranean Life. Moisturizing lipstick Perfect Color Lipstick with intense colour and has a delicate texture cream that provides care to the lips. Also, it is plastic, ensuring a more even application of color. Lipstick has high durability and gives untold pleasure and comfort during wear.

Part of the lipstick vitamin E prevents moisture loss. Sophisticated metal housing protects the lipstick from melting by heat.

In the spring collection with five new shades:

  • 915 Pink peony — shade “tea rose”

  • 967 Rosewood shimmer — mauve with shimmer

  • 948 Electric violet – purple metallic

  • 833 Lingering rose — beige-pink Nude

  • 909 Watermelon pink — coral pink, muted shade of

Each lipstick in the tone, released lip pencil

Price: 10,95 €

Waterproof eyeliner Mediterranean Life

Soft Eye Liner waterproof is extremely resistant. After drying, this soft eyeliner is resistant to smudge, and wash-out. Pleasant creaminess of the rod ensures easy and precise application. Pencil is characterized by an optimum color reproduction and high density coverage. Contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E. does Not contain perfumed fragrance.

For the spring collection released in shade 11 Deep forest brown.

Price: USD 7.45 €

Bilateral handle applicator in the design of Mediterranean Life for refillable Eye Designer cartridges

The applicator is convenient and easy to use. Made of very soft latex rubicelle, provides the comfortable application on the eyelids. To the applicator is screwed onto the cartridge with the shadows, in consequence of which the applicators absorb powder shadows. The manufacturer promises a very clean and professional application.

The slim shape of the applicator is perfect for applying thin lines and a round applicator is well shaded and gets shadow all over the eyelid.

It looks like a replacement cartridge

The price of the pen applicator: 9,95 €

The price of cartridge: 7,95 €

The collection turned out delicate, feminine and truly spring. Already in the international sale.

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