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Beauty still none of us didn’t fall from the sky. And really, who is going to make you young and attractive, if not you yourself?

You carefully selected skin care from the “Black Pearl”, which allows the skin of any age look well-groomed Hollywood stars. And we sincerely believe that every woman is a star, which has its own stage and your audience. Moreover, recently, the brand “Black Pearl” proved it!

In a large-scale program “Itself the star” from “Black Pearl” was attended by hundreds of women from all over Ukraine. The program is designed so that they opened and told the world about what inspires them to be beautiful. And instead of “Black pearl” thanked the participants a chance to win glittering gifts.

Imagine 80 beauties won an incredible silver jewelry with natural black pearls, just registering the code with any product of the brand. And 8 lucky winners and all received a chance to become the face of the advertising campaign “Black pearl” and appeared on the pages of a magazine!

Women who sincerely shared their stories and inspired hundreds of other beauties all over Ukraine believe in themselves. At the same time, to participate in the draw the opportunity to become the face of “Black pearls”, they had only to upload your photos to the site and tell us what inspires them every day to get better and stay beautiful.

Here’s what they say winners:

Anna Borsch

“Life is the chance to use it. Life is beauty, admire it.”

Evgeny Kutsenko

“My stage school class, my audience – children. Every day I try to fill with goodness for his disciples.”

Tatiana Solodchuk

“I want to be attractive to its customers in the Studio”.

Our heroine has proved that anything is possible when you believe in yourself! And “Black pearl” wants every woman was always beautiful and young. With this purpose, we create their products. Because for us every woman is the inspiration.

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