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Before starting care line Beauty Insider & Uvinion remained about a month. And while telling that showed a blind test, what tools were sent to rework and how many versions of chain we found in Russia — and why do we even needed.

Backstory for those who just joined or — suddenly — missed the beginning. About one and a half years we have been working to create their own godovogo brand Beauty Insider & Uvinion. About 8 months ago reported it publicly — “Cosmetics from Beauty Insider: we’ll do it! With you.” In December 2018 I with our partner Sergey Mulyar, representing Uvinion, went to Korea to the company Ensol Biosciences, who eventually became developers of three of our funds — that’s the story about this voyage and about Korea how about the amazing beauty Mecca. About the same time it was decided that the line of Beauty Insider & Uvinion should consist of four generic products: a moisturizing serum, moisturizing essence, moisturizing cream and also hydrophilic cleansing oil. Regarding the latter, we doubt: umyvalka? Or tool for the eye? What do you need? Conducted a survey among readers. Majority of votes was chosen cleansing.

After receiving the first samples of hydrophilic oils, serums and essences, we sent them to test 25 volunteers here in these beautiful wooden holders made Uvinion. (Thanks to our partners, they were also aesthetes!)

Among the volunteers were people of different ages, with different skin type and different beauty backgrounds — and our readers and beauty bloggers, and beauty editors of glossy magazines, and one very dear beautician, asked about preserving the incognito, and, for example, makeup artist Natalia Vlasova:)

And the holder 8 bottles of samples.

Two bottles — hydrophilic oil in two variants, NN1 and 2.

Three vials of serum NN1, 2 and 3. One of them was serum Beauty Insider &Uvinion, one serum-hit reputable brand, and one is just a dummy, that is whey base without any active ingredients. We do not know where that is. It was known only to our partners from Uvinion.

In the three remaining bottles of essence NN1,2 and 3. And again, no one on the team BI did not know where our original creation, where the role model, established market position as a bestseller, and empty.

From the volunteers were asked to tell what they think about the contents of all the jars and to fill out the questionnaire — about the smell, the texture, the overall impression of each tool, and evaluate all points from 1 to 5.

Testing was about a month (all slightly different, since it’s not quite simultaneously received the samples and not very promptly answered). We also tested the entire team — Lena, Masha, Nastya, Olya, Yulia and me.

Not as elegant in this staged photo, and as expected:)

And what is the result?
The winner in the category of “Hydrophilic oil” — a product of N2

With gidrofilnoj was the easiest: there was no dummy (because the washroom empty to identify is not difficult, it will not be anything to wash off) and there was no product standard. In one bottle was hydrophilic oil with conventional Surfactants, the other with a softer eco-surfactants. That soft, wonderfully foamed in contact with water. We wanted to release it. And the Koreans themselves have admitted that this brand new product is their pride.

But we had to figure out washes — do not wash off? Stings the eyes — does not sting the eyes? Comfortable — not comfortable?

Basic makeup well washed both. We found it quickly. And if this “basic” makeup like Nastia, what she calls “every day”?:) That is, ten layers of all the different places water resistant? And if it is difficult to washout in principle, lipstick Nars, for example?

A question about stings in General, it turned out funny. Julia any oil a little pinched, but not me. We would argue back and forth until it realized why. As it turned out, the fact that I’m usually on my face, not pulling out of the eyes contact lenses. And it slightly dulls the sensitivity. I connected the dots and realized that starting to wear lenses, I became even onions cutting, no crying. But before this thought had to survive:)

But in the end we all gave their sympathies to oil N2: it’s softer, more delicately treat the lipid layer of the skin, foams upon contact with water, washes well and doesn’t wipe the face tonic, even to me. (And I usually always want to wipe the face tonic. In contrast, for example, from Julia.)

And the majority of volunteers — yay! — also loved oil N2.

Makeup artist Natasha Vlasova wrote to me in sms that crazy about this oil. And filling out the questionnaire was succinct: put there heart. Her opinion was especially valuable because it tested the product on different make-UPS made of different materials.

Our continued and very valuable reader Maria Kalinina, aka LeoLion, she is a doctor of chimney, said: “I liked both. Room 1 a little worse for emulgiruet compared to number 2, but both were great with my makeup (at the time of testing — SS and the Erborian BB creams, mascara Benefit BadGal Bang), not irritating the mucous membranes of the eyes, quickly washed, and not dried skin. With pleasure would have bought both.”

Reputable beautician incognito said: “Functionally, both tools make a great impression”.

Beauty expert, blogger and editor of “Kommersant-beauty” Elena Smirnova-Ebadi was delighted: “Very cool! Have not used these oils, and now I will!” Another blogger, Anna Karimova @1beautynewsru, too: “I Liked both. Great! I want to buy both.”

There were those who did not understand the tool? Of course. But, basically, those who in principle do not share the love gidrofilnym. For example, blogger, Malena Mayakovskaya: “Initially hydrophilic oil — not my product. I prefer to cleanse gel cleanser and toner, so I can not be objective.”

In General, we once again saw how everyone is different. Natalia Sakalakala: “a Comfortable feeling on the skin, not a skin, to remove makeup from the eyes does not irritate them and does not create a “shroud”. And then Elena Klimova (Lenski Beauty): “unlike conventional hydrophilic oils, both products do not “melt”, and like harden, because of this, you need to either pull the skin or to spend a lot of product.”

So what can I say?..

However, the N2 oil was a favorite.

The winner in the category of serum: 50: 50

Cards: bottle N1 serum Beauty Insider&Uvinion, a bottle of N2 — famous hydrating serum Skinceuticals B5, bottle N3 — dummy.

The polarity of reviews here, too, manifested itself in all its glory. To give you an idea how much to quote a few.

Elena Klimova (Lenski Beauty): “Hydration СывороткаN1 and Serum N2 yields about the same. I have arranged for both. The texture of all three products like. N1 a little more dense, ideally I would have chosen her.”

And here is another opinion: “the First serum has almost no smell. Quickly and easily absorbed. The second one is more heavy, buttery. The smell is strong and medicinal. My skin was uncomfortable, like a heavy shroud. And quickly Shine up.”

And then: “I do Not like the lack of smell, and the sharp smell of the serum N2. The skin is left feeling sticky. The effect of “wow” no, strong moisturizing effect did not see, a basic level”.

By the way, some managed to identify the imposter, dummy! Anna Karimova @1beautynewsru: “Liked serum No. 1 and No. 2. Moisturize, give a comfortable feeling. Serum No. 3 is not like — lack of hydration, after her rather I want to apply the cream”. That’s the examination! Respect, Anna!

In General picture was as follows, were Initially dominated by the tube N3, dummy:) Then the vote shifted in favor of the bottle N2, where were serum Skinceuticals B5. And… at the last counting stage our child — the one in a bottle N1 — equalized. Can you imagine? It has been recognized as efficient as bestseller a reputable brand!

We slightly elated. Most drop. But, after analyzing all the answers, decided that such a ratio, even flattering, because we have not lost a recognized hit — we are not satisfied. And asked the Koreans to modify a little bit our product and to change the percentage of ingredients.

Retest, which was conducted without the involvement of foreign forces, showed that not in vain. Was sent to production. Fingers crossed.

The winner in the category “Essences”: not identified

Again cards. N1 bottle — dummy bottle N2 — tool Beauty Insider&Uvinion bottle N3 — essence May Coop.

Essence was even more entertaining than with serum. Voices between the bottles NN1, 2, and 3 were distributed almost equally. Was positive. For example, blogger Diana Suvorova: “Light, more like a serum, thought to be more liquid. Pleasant fragrance and texture.”

Was not so positive. (Although it should be noted that irritation, allergic reactions or even some troubles not caused any one product, any one volunteer! It was also very important.)

But there were negative. Basically, the criticism of the smell, texture and lack of hydration. So we decided that over the essence our friends the Koreans still have to work. She sent back a polite but urgent request “tighten, please, the smell, the stickiness and the ability to moisturize”. Yes, your Korean technology super. But we specifically tested tools in Russia and Russian girls. In the end, we’re here to wear. In our reality and on our skin.

And while the Koreans are working on content, we are working on external. And again need your help.

We love everything beautiful. And you?

With the jars all clear without monograms and chandeliers, strictly simple, a little pharmacy, but not too much, without reference to the Medici and all their poisons-the food. And to fit into any interior.

Do you like it?

And most importantly. Our jars are chains!

Maybe these:

Or here such?)

Although, judging by the expression on Yulia’s face, it is unlikely:)

Most likely, these:

For a sample taken my chain, which I wear two medallions. (One medallion — map of the island of Corfu. Second — my personal hand-made made in some Paris shop personally. This hand-made States that I am happy and I know it.)

Trying to find Russian analogue of the French rootless chain was purchased approximately 357 samples. 336 of them were not good anywhere. 18 — here and there. three — almost, but not quite. And only one — exactly what you need. But it still was paltry 50 meters. And we need about 500 times more:)

I’ll explain why.

Don’t know about you, but I always lose the outer caps of bottles. In General, when there is a dispenser, it is not critical. But not critical just as long as I don’t start packing a bag for the road. Because Bay once the suitcase contents of one such bottle, I don’t want to risk it.

And here about three months ago, almost late for a flight, I once again rushed to the bathroom screaming “Yuri, have you seen the cap from the jar?”. What my husband said philosophically that I haven’t seen, and anyway he is terribly tired of looking for these caps, and I think the only solution in my case — to chain them (caps) for bottles of a chain.

And then in our family will reign, finally, peace and tranquility.

Cap I’ve found, but the key word is “circuit” — was said.

Thank you to our partners Uvinion that reacted to this whim with understanding. And soon — to-be here! — will be released in Russia first beauty jars, lids you can’t lose. Anyone. Even me.)

Well isn’t that sweet?:) Bottles, by the way, all will be not more than 100 ml. To keep taking them though the Maldives, even to Mars.

But the label is the question. Black or beige? A poll in my instagram was in favor of beige, but maybe now the voices will be distributed differently?

Vote in the comments, please!

And stay tuned: we will soon announce the start of sales of the first two agents, hydrophilic oil and serum. Then will post the lineups and explain why, from our point of view, they will strongly required and what is their competitive advantage over millions of others:)

Also to monitor the process and participate in it can (and should) in accounts Uvinion — instagram @uvinion on FB-page of our partners.

Showed blind testing: the cosmetics Beauty Insider, a month before the start

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