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The researchers urge people not to fall asleep while the lamp and appliances. Possible side effects like personality change.

The Australian Monash University in Melbourne examined how the light coming from your TV, smartphone, and other gadgets affects the quality of sleep.

Some people easily fall asleep with bright lights on, and someone to sleep requires complete darkness. But why is this happening?

Scientists explain that we fall asleep thanks to the development of melatonin. Its level depends on the saturation of light in a room intended for sleeping. Bright light does not give melatonin to fully produce, so people in the morning feels tired and sleepy.

The most dangerous is the blue light of the spectrum. His radiate smartphones and TVs. The researchers analyzed data from more than 50 people and determined that this light has the most negative impact on sleep quality. This factor can even vary some of the individual qualities of people.

– In order to relieve yourself after a day and prepare for sleep, you need to control the brightness of light in your home. Especially in the room where you plan to go to sleep explained, sleep David Miller.

The expert once again advised not to use smartphones before bed to keep a good balance of sleep.

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