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“Beware of originality: in women’s fashion, originality can lead to a masquerade.” – Coco Chanel once said. Always follow this advice so you don’t run to extremes. As a rule, the clothes we wear in our youth do not give the same effect when we reach older age.

We have collected 10 basic summer clothing items that will help us create feminine and elegant images for every day.

midi skirt

Today, paper-bag midi skirts are very popular and suitable for all ages. This skirt is recommended to be used in combination with small heels or ballet shoes.


Denim can be worn at any time of year, summer is no exception. A classic light blue model is best suited for summer. Avoid all sorts of “decorative” elements.

Simple shirt

The shirt should be simple and light (white, beige, light pink, etc.). Choose quality models from opaque natural fabrics.

Sarafan with a belt

It’s hard to imagine summer days without a sundress. We recommend that you buy a light sundress made of cotton or linen and emphasize the waist strap. Choose the colors and prints fashionable this season.

Unique top

Straight top or t-shirt with small sleeves fits well with any other clothes: trousers, skirts, jeans. Complete the outfit with sandals and you will look flawless.

Capri or shorts

These items of clothing are ideal for summer walks, travels, and sometimes even work. Shorts can be both denim and fabric. Universal colors – denim and white.


The blazer thinns the figure, hides the thick hips and can play the role of a summer jacket. This is a very comfortable and necessary clothing.

Bleached dress

For special summer events you will need a small light and comfortable dress. Silk or satin, sleeveless and original decor will emphasize your feminine image. Pure tones from white to dark red are suitable.

Comfortable shoes

A pair of quality sandals, comfortable enough to wear all day long, will be a real treasure for the summer season. Women over 45 need to emphasize femininity, and elegant mid-heeled sandals can play a decisive role.


Hayflower hat and glasses are the elements of the wardrobe that should not be ignored in summer. Not only will they protect you from ultraviolet rays, but they will also make you look stylish and elegant. Choose a light summer bag that can be easily combined with other items of clothing.

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