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Continue to play up the theme of makeup. It would seem that nothing new is there to come up with: there are lipstick and lip glosses, and nail Polish, and the formula… But this year, Urban Decay decided to pave a new way and release a range of products for lips called Lo-Fi Lip Mousse.

So, as stated by “urban DK”, mousse is an innovative product. The tool will have a matte finish, apply it on lips it is assumed with a sponge, but you can just hammer his fingertips. The mousse is water resistant and should stay on the lips very long.

To release the mousse will be in the form of a purple powder with a mirror. It’s attached to the sponge for application.

The lineup will be released 8 shades of mousse ranging from pale pink to deep red Halo Amplify.

Amplify – bright red

Wavelength – muted fuchsia

Echo pink mahouve

Fade – chocolate Nude

Frequency – coral

Halo – light pink

Noise – berry

Boom – a deep berry (glitter)

The first Swatch shows very good pigmentation mousses, and on the promo photo, the brand offers also use mousse as blush:

Finally, a presentation video:


The collection will launch in August, launch date in Russia is unknown. Mousses will cost 26$.


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