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Technologies based on ultrasound, painlessly improve the skin quality

Swiss clinic Beauty Clinic has expanded his Arsenal of instrumental procedures non-invasive ultrasonic liposuction ULFIT. ULTRASONIC waves help to quickly and painlessly correct figure, remove the fat and tighten the skin. The effect is visible after the first treatment, this is due to the redistribution of body fat and the loss of density. ULFIT technique also improves the condition and quality of the skin and makes it softer and more elastic.

Also Swiss Beauty Clinic has a new procedure for correction of figure and face Ultraformer. It replaces plastic surgery, penetrating into the lower layers of the dermis using ultrasonic waves. The technology is able to eliminate the signs of skin aging and weaken the muscle tone. The advantage of the procedure is that after its use does not require the rehabilitation period. When using Ultraformer all products of fat breakdown are excreted through the lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body.



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