Makeup artist Cardi B revealed the secret to radiant skin reperti in the movie “Strippers”

In the film, the singer played a stripper diamond Personal makeup artist Cardi B La Eric pearl discovered the secret to glowing skin reperti in the movie “Strippers” (“Hustlers”), which was released in Russian cinemas on September 12. Hip-hop singer played in the film a stripper named diamond (“Diamond”). According to La Perle, to achieve […]

Beauty international: cosmetics from the makeup artist of Beyonce and deodorant from Justin Bieber

And also: augmented reality on the face Fenty Beauty and scandal Kylie Jenner. Our renewable digest “on foreign press”%) — that is to tell, what interesting is happening in the beauty world outside Russia and the surrounding area. Collection makeup artist Sir John Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John and mark Luminess Cosmetics has released […]