Pregnancy changes a woman’s brain

Is it true that moms can suffer from “momnesia”? Scientists have discovered what happens to the mind during pregnancy and after birth. Some women openly say that pregnancy affected their ability to think. In addition, many women noted that they became more scattered and forgetful before and after childbirth. These symptoms experts call the “momnesia”. […]

Prone to weight gain, is it the brain

Experts told that there was a relationship between brain size and obesity. Staff from Loughborough University in the UK made a sensational discovery. They found that due to the shrinkage of the brain a person may appear overweight. Scientists conducted the study, which was attended by 9 thousand 625 volunteers. Average age was 55.4 years. […]

Aerobics can rejuvenate the brain

The experiment showed that regular aerobic exercise can help improve cognitive brain function. Especially important are the load for the elderly. Scientists from Columbia University conducted an experiment to find out which kinds of exercise best impact on the cognitive functions of the brain. The benefits of exercising, especially for older people, previously proved by […]