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Each spring there are new Guerlain Aqua Allegoria. Fresh Coconut Fizz, Ginger Piccante and Flora Cherrysia so good that words to pick up we are unable. So came up with something better)

The last three seasons on compositions Aqua Allegoria working perfumer, Thierry Wasser.

We decided to play by the rules of Guerlain and describe trends, not words, and allegories and associations. Each aroma picked up books, movies, music, places and photos.

Coconut Fizz, Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain

  • Notes: coconut nectar, bergamot, fruity water, white freesia, sandalwood, Tonka beans absolute

Allegory Nastya

It is relatively easy to find Association to mixed fragrances that smell like some mists, metal and diamonds. But coconut?.. It I associate with coconut. But with the coconut I associate my beloved Bali, because these are the coconuts I drink it every day.

The song is the one that most often there was sound in Bali this year.

Music: George Baker Selection — Little Green Bag

Point on the map of Medewi Beach Bali. One of my favourite Bali beaches.

Book Daniil Kharms “That is now sold in stores”

How did I have this Association — don’t even ask. I currently do not explain.

Movie: the Simpsons ‘ 10 season 19 series

Well, everything is clear, especially if you include sound.)

Ginger Piccante Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain

  • Notes: bergamot, lemon, ginger, pepper, rose, white cedar, white musk

Allegory Masha

Bergamot, lemon, ginger — a breath of cold lemonade after Biking on a hot evening.

Music: Mystery of Love — Sufjan Stevens

The melody is smooth, touching, similar to the haze in the sky and the chirping of cicadas.

Point on the map — lake Como

It would be nice to get somewhere by a big lake in the shade of green, to watch as the scurrying boats, and melt in the heat of the city streets soaked in the sun.

Book: Francis Scott Fitzgerald “tender is the Night”.
The first part of the main novel, Fitzgerald would like to draw slowly, how refreshing cocktail through a straw.

Movie: “magic in the moonlight” (2014), directed by woody Allen

Again summer, and again the coast, again lemonade. And a little magic, Colin Firth and Emma stone.

Flora Cherrysia Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain

  • Notes: watermelon, Calabrian bergamot, cherry blossom, pear, rose, white musk, violet, woody notes

Allegory Oli

Freshness, tenderness, a bit of sweetness and slight bitterness… or, maybe chervotochinkoy? The creators were inspired by the cherry blossoms and Japan in General, but it’s not only transparent colors. Juicy watermelon flesh, ripe pear and a basket of summer berries. Floral-fruity explosion, that’s what it is.

Music: Primi Passi — Fabrizio Paterlini — transparent melody of Italian Neoclassicism.

Point on the map: Tokyo, Japan — will keep this point on your map. I need to get there.

Poems: the Saiga is clear without further explanation:)

Under a canopy of branches
The crowd of courtiers admiring…
Cherry blossoms!
Others look only from a distance.
It is a pity of her scent.

Movie: White oleander (2002), directed by Peter Kosminsky. The tape has nothing to do with Japan, nor with the spring, but the feeling of the transience of beauty, which is felt in the flavor passed is wonderful.

Price: 5805 to discounts in the “Rive Gauche”

Have you tried the new Aqua Allegoria? What associations they have caused? In General, how do you like the game pick up the allegory to the spirits of loved ones?


Tell on-to another: allegory to the three new Guerlain Aqua Allegoria

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