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A soothing cream after hair removal gel for stomach and waist, cream

Thalion cosmetics brand presented the new tools to care of face and body gel for stomach and waist Reshaper, cream Velvet and cream after hair removal for face and body Soin Post-Epil Note.

Penetrates into the skin, the hydrogel Reshaper with a patented active ingredient Algoslim, marine magnesium and caffeine helps to fight against fatty deposits in the abdomen and lower back. Cream Velvet with sea kelp, Shea butter, extract of aloe Vera and vegetable glycerin provides intense exfoliation, nourishes the skin, eases pain and tension in the feet, reduces sweating. Soothing cream Soin Post-Epil Note, in turn, has a light gel-like texture, prevents hair growth on the face and body, eliminates the problems of ingrown hairs and eliminate skin irritation after waxing.

Reshaper Thalion

Thalion Velvet

Soin Post-Epil Note Thalion

To learn more about the all new Thalion on the official website of the brand.




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