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Interested in the burgers, people face the risk of premature aging of the brain.

fast food

Scientists discovered another danger of fast food, which was previously unknown. This time it turned out that the hamburger lovers in the future can lead to a premature aging of the brain.

The scientific staff of the Australian National University conducted a study in which examined the factors that affect brain health and aging. For their work they took about 200 studies in this region and analyzed their results. In the end, was found a relationship between fast food consumption and premature aging of the brain.

According to experts, unhealthy food combined with lack of physical activity lead to the development of diseases such as type II diabetes. All this in turn leads to cognitive impairment, dementia and atrophy of the brain.

In connection with the received results, the researchers stated that brain aging may be due to fast food to begin much earlier than usual. In addition, it is often irreversible, especially if one has reached middle age. Therefore, recommendations for the prevention of dementia for older people in this case become useless.

Scientists are urged not to lead to deterioration of the situation and as early as possible to think seriously about your diet. At the moment, the situation with obesity in the world leaves much to be desired. It is especially acute in developed countries. About 30 percent of adults worldwide suffer from obesity.

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