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Soothe, hydrate and provide instant result — our favorite fabric face mask.

All our favorite tools of the year appear daily in the “Best cosmetics — 2018”.

Face mask Plus Lemon Grass, Lululun

Loves Anastasia.

  • Material: Mask Lululun Plus: take or pass?

Price: 1030 roubles/ 5 pieces in the “Golden Apple”.

Hydrogel mask Advanced Genifique, Lancome

Loves Anastasia.

  • Material: Hydrogel mask and eye patches, Advanced Genifique, Lancome: reviews and discounts!

Price: 1281 RUB on the official website.

Mask with ceramides for intense hydration Face In-Shot Mask Hydrolift, The Oozoo

Love Lena.

  • Material: Mask Face In-Shot, and a Power Capsule, The Oozoo: reviews

Price: 1010 RUB. for 1 piece and 4060 RUB. per pack of 5 pieces in the “Ile de Beaute”

The mask is milky way for deep hydration Water Bear-Bang Hydrating Mask, The Oozoo

Loves Masha.

  • Material: Outer mask bears Bear, The Oozoo: reviews

Price: 510 RUB. for 1 piece and 2020 RUB. per pack of 5 pieces

Moisturizing Express mask with green tea Pure Essence Morning Mask, Holika Holika

Loves Olga.

  • Material: We tried it: a wildcard which substitutes for all, and the spirits for ridiculous money

Price: 1350 RUB. per 30 PCs holikaholika.ru

A mask bandage for facial lifting Perfect V Lifting Mask Premium, Avajar

Loves Olga.

  • Material: Hits of K-beauty: what are Koreans? Part 1

Price: 4850 RUB at the official Russian website of the brand.

Gold foil mask with effect of a sauna Skin Needs, L’etoile

Loves Olga.

  • Material: Five masks with foil from 130 to 1600 rubles: which is better?

Price: 299 RUB. in L’etoile.

Perfect mask Perfect Mask, 3LAB

Loves Olga.

  • Material: We tried: Olga T. on bomber care and new flavors

Price: 13 030 RUB. per pack of 5 pieces before discounts in the store, the store “Ile de Beaute”

Mask with caffeine for intense lifting Dermask Lift Up Your Face Line, Dr. Jart+

Loves Olga.

  • Material: K-Beauty: tissue and hydrogel mask

Price: 299 RUB in the store “Ile de Beaute”.

All our favorite tools of the year appear daily in the “Best cosmetics — 2018”.

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