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Who would believe that this young beauty 56? November 11 demi Moore celebrates her birthday. As actress and mother of three children manage to stay in such great shape? Let’s try to unravel the secret of her youth.

Impeccable style

Demi has been for many years does not change the long hair. She appears at events with perfectly smooth or slightly podkluchenie strands. Her makeup is also always flawless and suits her. Radiant tone, brown shades on the eyes, blush on the apples of the cheeks and a neutral lipstick. This make-up gives a healthy and rested appearance, emphasizing the dignity of the person. Sometimes demi uses the dark lipstick. Her beauty experiments end.

Although Halloween star showed us the miracles of transformation with makeup.

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Hair care

Hair Actresses – this is a separate cause for admiration. They look incredibly healthy and shiny. Demi Moore admits that never dry them with a Hairdryer and trying not to resort to hot styling. Her favorite means for hair care is a shampoo and conditioner Redken All Soft Line. Also demi rinses them with water from a decoction of Basil.

Special diet

In the morning, the actress drinks a glass of water with lemon juice, a spoon of maple syrup and a pinch of Cayenne. She claims that this drink accelerates metabolism and helps to improve digestion. The actress is a fan of the raw food diet. She eats only organic vegetables and fruits, drinking lots of green shakes and smoothies. Her diet also includes nuts and seeds. Demi says that she eats only when it really wants the body. She prefers small portions. The actress admits that can afford a cake, but only before lunch.


Demi Moore exercise regularly. Gym, Pilates, yoga, running – it all allows her to stay in great shape. The actress is also fond of plastic strip, during the preparation for the film “Striptease”. Demi was in awe of this dance and said it was a great way to have a slim and fit body.

Extreme care

The akris loves hirudotherapy. This treatment with leeches. According to her they are great to rejuvenate the skin, making it taut. It also uses the procedure of radio wave radiation – Thermage. The lifting also promotes the production of collagen, so skin looks young and radiant.

Positive emotions

Demi Moore loves to fool around. The actress is always smiling and in a good mood. She loves to make jokes and laughs a lot. This is another secret of the actress. Because positive emotions are very important for our physical condition.


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