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Today, Hollywood actress and wife of the famous Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko Hayden panettiere 29 years. On this occasion we have decided to recall all her secrets of beauty and attractiveness, as well as to show best images of all time.

About body care

After birth, when Hayden suffered from depression, to return to its former shape, it was very difficult. With the growth of 153 cm, the actress is very stout and this was an additional reason for the disorder after birth. But soon, with the help of experienced psychologists and family support, Hayden came into shape in just a few months.

The actress repeatedly in his interview admitted that he often suffered from complexes due to their own body. It was difficult to it to accept myself as a teenager – low rise, fairly large Breasts and rounded shape made it a subject of ridicule for their peers. But once the talent won and panettiere became a successful actress, she was able to accept myself and begin to emphasize the dignity.

Sport and physical activity

To lose weight after childbirth and generally keep yourself in shape all my life Hayden helps morning gymnastics and swimming. The main thing – not to miss a workout and do it with pleasure for myself.

“Try to hold the water for 10 minutes in one place is a great workout for the whole body,” recommends new moms actress.

Food Hayden, Pannetiere

The actress just loves starchy foods, and especially pasta. But she has one Golden rule: one serving of pasta is no Elevator, only by foot. Besides, Hayden suffers from claustrophobia and is afraid of elevators, so it it is not difficult to climb on foot.

For Breakfast, the actress have eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking smoothies and fresh juices and was never charged during this meal. Lunch is always protein foods, meat or fish, and dinner is baked and fresh vegetables, but not later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Makeup and skin care

In real life Hayden is trying to paint smaller and this is often seen in paparazzi pics. When it comes to the red carpet, the actress always there at parade. Skin care from the Hayden is simple: hydration and high-quality cleansing, as well as regular visits to the beautician. By nature her skin is good, so very much not necessary.

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