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The man took his sweetheart a surprise gift in honor of the engagement.

Aldo and Geraldine

An unusual love story played out in the UK Leicester. There’s a man in honor of the engagement gave his beloved kidney. At first glance, the gift may seem strange, but it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions.

Aldo Cataldi 27 years. He worked in a nursing home as a nurse, where she met 22-year-old Geraldine Chingosho. For some time they worked together, but Aldo quit. However, communication with Geraldine he continued and a few months later decided to ask her out. However, Aldo didn’t know that shortly before that Geraldine was diagnosed with a deadly kidney disease – her every day required dialysis. The girl did not hide it from Aldo and told the guy that he should not start Dating her, because maybe her life is long. But the nurse said that is not going to leave Geraldine.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the analysis showed that none of the relatives of the patient can be a kidney donor. Then the tests are decided to take and Aldo.

After a while the couple went to Portugal to celebrate the birthday of Geraldine. Aldo was going to propose to her and that same night he called me, he proved that he can be a donor. Aldo woke his girlfriend and told me. And when Geraldine asked him what happens if they eventually parted, he said, “Then at least I’ll save your life”.

Add that Geraldine have had a kidney transplant operation. Wedding couples are scheduled for August of this year.

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