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A young woman a whole bunch of frightening diagnoses. She has poor circulation, skin problems, joints and lungs.

At the age of 17, Sarah delivered the first diagnosis of an aggressive form of Raynaud, where blood circulation of the limbs. After it became known that the girl has two autoimmune diseases, like scleroderma and lupus. All of these diseases are dangerous by themselves, but together they threaten the life of Sarah.

Constant therapy and pain has not stopped Sarah to finish school and University, get married, have a son and work in the police. Service she left a few years ago, after it was put another diagnosis associated with lung function. Now Sarah is in constant need of medical oxygen.

For the first time doctors resorted to amputation at the beginning of 2013. Sarah removed the phalanx of the middle finger on his right hand. Since then, she has already had many such operations, the surgeons removed parts of the fingers of the girl to save the limb. Now Sarah is threatening a leg amputation, because her blood circulation continues to deteriorate.

Sarah uses a wheelchair, but still sometimes walks alone, although it is not easy. Every day, Sarah’s husband helps her put on shoes before going to work. Most of all Sarah is afraid that her 10 year old son will have no mother. Now a young woman working with charitable organizations, participating in campaigns to teach people to accept people with disabilities – the girl herself knows firsthand about how healthy people react to those who were different from them.

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