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Researchers have shown that the mental abilities a child inherits from his mother, by the father’s genes do not participate in this.

European scientists have found that the level of cognitive abilities of children responsible X chromosome. Since DNA women consists of 22 pairs of X chromosomes, we can conclude that their level of intelligence, the child inherits from the mother.

The researchers found “conditional genes”. Their behavior differs depending on their origin. If a person inherited them from the mother, they work as expected. If from his father – they are not activated.

In an experiment scientists injected the rodents maternal genes. The experimental has grown a big head, but the body remained small. The volume of their brain is several times higher than the established norm. If the mice were injected with the father’s gene was the opposite effect.

Next, the researchers decided to analyze the human condition. Experts interviewed thousands of 12 686 young people in the age group of 14-22 years. Consideration of such elements as socio-economic status and ethnicity.

We came to the conclusion that the main indicator of the level of intelligence in humans is the IQ of his mother, said the scientists.

However, it may be that genetics only affects 40-60%. The rest is determined by environment and lifestyle.


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