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The strange behavior of the child forced a woman to see a specialist.

Joan and Arc

In the UK a nursing mother prompted reflections on the strange behavior of her son. He flatly refused to drink milk from one breast, but happy to have done it from the other. The woman decided that there must be some reasonable explanation and followed him to a specialist. It turned out that the baby literally saved my mother’s life.

The woman’s name is Joan Carr, she was 37 years old and she lives in Liverpool. Not so long ago, she gave birth to her second child and began to breastfeed him. However, the child named Arc stubbornly refused to drink from the right breast. Joan was concerned about it, so she decided to go to the doctor. In the hospital, the woman was examined. It turned out that all this time the Arcs were trying to warn mother about danger – do Carr found a tumor in the milk duct of the breast, which prevented the child to drink milk.

Now Joan has already passed all the necessary treatment. It is known that she removed the cancer cells, and in this time her health recovered, a woman’s life is not in danger. The woman sure required the life of his little son. If not for him, at first glance, strange behavior, then it is likely that the disease Joanne found out too late, and the doctors were unable to help her. As for the Arc, then the child grows and feels good.

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