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The authors of the project promise to revive memories of a good movie with the help of new technologies

The authors of “Attraction” and “Invasion” will take a new version of the Soviet sci-Fi film “guest from the future”. This was told by producer Michael Vrubel.

Answering the question Filmz.ru about the possibility of a remake of Russian films about alien invasion, Mikhail Vrubel said that the work on such a project is already underway. According to him, the remakes he treated with caution, because rarely do something better than the classic.

However, the story about Alice Selezneva — fiction, therefore, according to the producer, comparing the draft with “Star wars”, released at the same time, “you know how everything looks naive.” “Now the technology is there, and it can become an amazing combination of our memories about this movie and what we can do technologically today to give the viewer” — says Mikhail Vrubel.

Recall that the 5-series “guest from the future” came out in 1984. His script is based on the novel by Kir Bulychev’s “one Hundred years ahead”. The main role in the film played Natalia Gusev and Alexey Fomkin.

The most successful over the last 20 years, the remakes we’ve assembled here.


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