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According to the specialist, it is harmful to health.


Head of the Department of home care polyclinic No. 121 of the Department of health Vasily Frolov told about the dangers of long stay in the hot tub. He noted that this method of relaxation, though very popular among the population, but the benefit of the body will bring hardly.

So, the doctor said that it is not recommended to lie in a hot bath for longer than five minutes, if the water temperature is 40 degrees. In the bath with water whose temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, can be up to 15 minutes. If you stay in a hot tub longer than the specified time, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and besides, it’s bad for the skin. The fact that the prolonged stay in hot water accelerates the aging process.

Interestingly, the expert is also not recommended to abuse the use of the washcloth – it helps to create micro traumas in the skin, which can provoke the development of various dermatological diseases. Loofah, according to the specialist, you should use two to three times a week, and for all other cases simply applied to the body of the gel. Immediately after a shower to wipe dry and to not forget about the skin between the toes – this will help to avoid fungal diseases.

As for shampooing, it should not do this more than twice a week. But if you do it daily, then you can easily face the problems of the scalp.

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