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Because of illness the memory of Vicki Harkness was damaged – three years later, she was able to recover most of it, but can’t remember his own wedding.

In March 2016 from 29-year-old Vicky began to have problems with health – she felt strong fatigue, was depressed and began to forget some things. At first she thought she had the flu, but after a week in hospital with convulsions.

Doctors have found that the Wiki encephalitis. They still have not established the cause of the disease girl, although encephalitis is usually the result of infection or other pathogenic processes, the Wiki has not confirmed either one of the diagnoses.

Shortly after admission the girl became worse began to reject the organs and the doctors had put her in an artificial coma. A native once said: even if the Wiki will survive, it will become severely disabled as a severely damaged brain.

When Vicky woke up, it turned out that the problem is really serious. She couldn’t control body functions, to speak and really didn’t remember anything. Moreover, the girl has not only suffered long term memory, but short-lived.

For a long time the girl woke up every morning and re-acquainted with doctors and family. After discharge from the hospital, she began to write everything that happened to her during the day. The next day she again began life with a clean slate, not remembering anything from what was recorded yesterday.

Vicki remembers this period as the worst – every day she was completely helpless and knew nothing about yourself. Soon she began to train the brain. At first she began to go on little walks. According to the Pathfinder Wiki it got to the address, and then tried to remember the way back. She had to re-learn to live – the fact that before the disease was taken for granted now often caused her trouble. She re-learned to play the guitar and skate – previously, it was her favorite class. After some time it started to come back. At first they were sketchy and vague, but it was huge progress.

A year after discharge from the hospital, Vicky was able to return to work as an instructor in active rest, and after about a year, she took part in competitions in figure skating.

Now Vicki remembers about 80% of their lives. Most of all upsets her that she can’t remember her wedding day, which took place about a year before the illness.

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