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The collection includes 14 fragrances in elegant Apothecary bottles

The fashion house Gucci introduced a perfume collection, The Alchemist’s Garden, for the first time since the launch of the fragrance Bloom in 2017. A new line was created in cooperation with perfumer Alberto Morillas.

The collection includes 14 fragrances, including 7 types of spirits, 3 types of toilet water and 4 varieties of perfume oils. The contents of the vials can be mixed to create unique combinations of scents.

Perfume collection Gucci “tells” stories of the main characters, surrounded by the smells of memories. “Every scent is associated with memories – a walk in the woods, a tour of the centre of Rome, where the Mimosa blossoms… Just play with scents to find your favorite, like the alchemist in search of the formula of gold,” says Alberto Morillas.

What scents are popular with Millennials, we are told here.






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