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The specialist said, what threatens the mother the birth of a child after 40 years. What kind of dangers you need to know in preparation for pregnancy.

What is the danger of late delivery was told by the gynecologist Marina Komarovskaya. Therefore, every woman to give birth after the age of 40, should think about possible negative consequences.

– You have to ask yourself if your body withstand such a load? Pregnancy at any age is a great stress for the organism, – explains the doctor. – Carrying a baby takes a lot of strength and health in women, and the older a woman is, the more it forces you need to recover. In addition, with age increases the likelihood that the child will arise pathology, such as down syndrome.

The expert notes that in women 40+ health is not the same as young. Many people have problems with the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, bones. Late delivery could seriously undermine the already fragile health.

In addition, mothers of older age occurs more often postpartum depression. More acutely and nervously perceived any difficulties. If the family relationship before the child’s birth was not smooth and durable, the big chance that they will collapse. Agree, nervous the woman will be hard to control myself.

There is another pitfall in late pregnancy. Studies have shown that after 50 years, the human brain begins irreversibly to age. Therefore, the older the mother, the harder it will be to help the child with lessons, to understand and to socialize well.

Therefore, experts advise that before you plan the appearance of the child after the age of 40, you should properly assess their strength.

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