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The wound on his eye a man appeared from contact lenses.

contact lenses

In the UK a local resident named Nick Humphries was blind in one eye due to the fact that did not take off contact lenses at a time when taking a shower. In a small scratch on the eye 29-year-old man was hit by a bacterium Acanthamoeba, which ultimately led to the contamination and partial blindness.

A scratch on his eye Humphreys discovered in early 2018 and immediately went to the doctor. After examination by an ophthalmologist was that the man suffers from acanthameba keratitis. The fact that the scratch was caused by the contact of the eye with the contact lens, and when the soul on the lens and the wound is exposed to water, the eye penetrated the bacteria Acanthamoeba. Nick was prescribed special eye drops that were designed to destroy bacteria, but they had the desired effect – at some point, the man went blind in one eye.

The doctors re-examined the patient and came to a disappointing conclusion – there is a risk of amputation of the eye. However, the fight for sight nick continues: the British had already had several operations, and now is preparing for a cornea transplant. Sam Humphries notes that have not been sufficiently aware of the possibility of such problems because of lens wear in the shower. According to the victim, if he knew what could happen to him such that he would have never worn lenses.

Despite the adverse forecast, Humphries still hopes to recover and return to normal life.

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