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Who would have thought a Brazilian supermodel and one of the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret angels today marks 38 years! What is not a reason to get to know the beauty secrets of this amazing girl? Adriana Lima — it’s yours!

Adrian first became famous as a model in 1999. Once in the ranks of the “angels” Victoria’s Secret, she blew the tops of the most beautiful girls and their whole career was considered a sex symbol. In November last year, Lima and at last came to the podium to say, left the “wings” for the sake of the man she loved. Model still plan to work with brands and shoot for magazines and still looks stunning. Like adriana Lima nourishes the skin, makes make she eats and what exercise you like — read on beauty.ua!

Adriana Lima — skin care

Must-have cosmetics model — sunscreen. Without it, she will not go outside even on a cloudy day. “I Wake up, apply the cream with SPF and go to practice. Can apply makeup — depends on my mood”.

“Most of all I love organic beauty products from my dermatologist Herve Gerau (Herve Herau) — when going to Paris, always stocking up on jars. Care I is adjusted depending on the time of year, as skin feels now and what I eat. When I leave the office Herve, I look 10 years younger, it’s true. I like a cleanser for the face, serum and a light day lotion by Herve Herau. If I’m in the plane, then apply the elixir-water Caudalie Beauty Elixir — I love its refreshing effect. I’m also obsessed with masks — use them regularly”.

For skin care body Lima prefer to apply oil. Favorite — coconut.

Elixir-water for the face Beauty Elixir from Caudalie, price: approx. 320 UAH, coconut oil Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Nature’s Way, approx. 600 UAH, cleanser for the face Care Facial Cleanser from HERVE HERAU, price: approx. 2000 UAH

Adriana Lima — sports and nutrition

She treats their body like a true athlete, it is not surprising that adriana has been the face of Puma. “I plan to live a long time, — says the model. And sport helps to keep the body healthy and the right food gives proper energy.”

Lima is really obsessed with food. She travels with a fridge full of brown rice and edamame, which is prepared specially for her catering services.

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Publication from Adriana Lima (@adrianalima) Dec 3, 2016 at 9:25 am PST

“When you travel a lot and do the filming, it’s hard to find healthy food. I have two girls — Michelle and Pauline — they are certified nutritionists who develop my menu depending on what I’m doing in the hall.”

Lima also drinks a lot of water model sure this natural detox helps to make the skin glow.

“I love Boxing. When I’m traveling, running around. In fact, my training is a mixture of running, Boxing and a little strength exercises. I adjust the workout depending on how I feel. Can run on the treadmill for 45 minutes, a good sweat — it’s great! I like an intense workout that keeps me on the move.”

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Adriana Lima — make-up secrets

Somehow adriana shared their Express makeup, which she does in just 10 minutes. “Lips and eyes — all you need to stress when little time. Outside of filming and catwalk, I always paint two coats of mascara and lipstick”.

“I love Maybelline The Falsies, as it is well lengthens lashes. For lips use pink and purple shades of the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Lover. Also in my purse is sudovy and very sexy shade of Color Sensational Clay Crush and “real red” Siren in Scarlet. If you want to emphasize the eye shadow palette Maybelline the Nudes Palette Rock — all I need”.

Palette Rock Nudes Palette by Maybelline, price: approx. 450 UAH, lipstick Color Sensational Matte Lipstick no.965 Siren in Scarlet Maybelline, price: approx. 210 UAH, Mascara The Falsies by Maybelline, price: approx. 370 UAH


Video — another option for quick makeup in the performance of the model 🙂

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Adriana Lima hair care

“I use avocado as a hair mask every week. Take any conditioner that you like, then grind a ripe avocado, mix all and apply on hair for 15-30 minutes. This is the secret to shiny locks — ask any Brazilian!” Lima advises to periodically change the air conditioner so that the hair does not get used to it. One of her favorite conditioner from Victoria’s Secret, which model praises for good hydration and sharp flavor.


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