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The expert called the most “favorite” place of ticks on the human body.


The most dangerous predator that can meet you during the may holidays, it is perhaps a tick. Many Russians in early may go on the nature to fry the kebabs, so the rules you should still take precautions. Chief freelance specialist of the Department of health on primary health care of adult population Andrew Tyazhelnikov told what locations on the body most frequently become the site of the tick bite.

According to experts, most commonly ticks bite in the neck, armpits, groin, the elbow and the area behind the ears. So when camping it is important to wear clothing that will protect the data space against the penetration of mites. In addition, it is important to regularly check each other for ticks, because the time of suction is not felt.

Tyazhelnikov reminded that ticks are mostly found in wet places with no very great amount of shade. They sit in the thick grass, bushes and at the edges of the paths.

If the bite could not be avoided, it is necessary to gently twist it with rotary motion through a gauze, or with tweezers, and disinfect the bite. Then you definitely need to go to the emergency room. It is also worth noting that during the may holidays, the CPS launched a hotline on the issues of tick bites at the number 8 800 555 49 43 (free call). It works around the clock, advice can be obtained in the Russian and English languages.

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