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There are elements of horror

The creators of the second film is about Dr. Strange draw inspiration from horror and action-adventure 1980s. This was stated by the head of Marvel Kevin Feige.

Separately, he said the paintings of Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom”. “In the 1980s, Spielberg did an awesome job. In the film “raiders of the lost ark” is truly scary moments, which I, as a child, turned a blind eye — for example, when faces are melted,” — said Feige.

Also, Kevin Feige said that the Director of “Dr. Strange” Scott Derrickson returned to work on the project. According to the head of Marvel, the new film is not horror in the conventional sense, but rather “a great MCU movie with scary moments.” The main role in the film will play Benedict Cumberbatch.

The premiere will take place on 7 may 2021.

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