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Responsibility for the illegal provision of cosmetic services can toughen

In Russia during the regime of isolation increased sharply gray market of cosmetic injections. From 30 March to 14 June 2020, the number of illegal cosmetic injections, done at home or in institutions without registration rose by almost 2.3 times compared to the same period last year. It is reported by RBC with the study of the pharmaceutical newspaper “news of the GMP”.

All the Russians in two and a half months did procedures 5.6 billion. So according to analysts, grey market injectable cosmetology increased by 14.5 p. p. and amounted to 17.9%. We are talking about the procedures for the application of botulinum toxin type a, fillers, biorevitalization and strands for the facelift.

According to the study, during the “quarantine” the pandemic is completely stopped 64% of respondents beauticians.Total in the country, according to the analytical center publication, about 35 thousand specialists.

The National Association of clinics of aesthetic medicine admit that part of experts, which at the time of mode isolation working at home, may not return to the clinic. The organization proposes to toughen the responsibility for the provision of cosmetology services in inadequate conditions and without a medical license, and to prohibit sale to individuals.

How not to ruin your face in the office of a cosmetologist and what has led to a boom in injection cosmetology we wrote here.





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