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The researchers said that the skin you can see if depression in humans.

Scientists from the Australian University of Newcastle believe that the propensity for stress and depression will tell you, the human skin is the reaction of sweat glands. Researchers claim that the longer one comes after some turmoil, the greater the tendency to depression.

Everyone knows that if a person is frightened, he immediately the heart beats faster and breathing becomes irregular, well there is nothing to do without sweating. The more often causing jitters this action is repeated, the less the person has a reaction to it. Over time, the nervous system adapts and you receive psychological stability. This factor and tells about the person’s predisposition to the development of depression and panic attacks.

Professor Eugene Nalivaiko together with the team conducted a little experiment. The researchers interviewed 30 young people to learn how they evaluate their mental health. Then, volunteers took the test, during which they were subjected to acoustic shock. At this time, the experts checked their speed of habituation on the analysis of the sweat glands. It turned out that people who consider themselves prone to stress, in fact longer than the others get used to the noise.

– If the person is sweating heavily due to fright, then it’s more likely prone to depression – said Nalyvaichenko.

Researchers believe that this method will allow you to recognize the tendency to panic attacks, the military and teachers. This will help the people in time to take preventive measures and to maintain mental health.

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