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Creator serums Beauty Hello Sergey Ostrikov launched a new brand — Blom. But we ask him about something else. And rest assured, these issues the main male beauty blogger haven’t had to ask.

News: from this moment on the Beauty Insider team appears co-author. Each month a guest editor will be the new hero. Please love and favor – the first Guest Editor Sergey Ostrikov!

Guest editor will do the same thing every buciunaite. To discuss and test new products, write columns, talk about favourite products. Life is difficult but, I hope, interesting, Yes:)

To become a Guest Editor, you need to do important and useful work (not necessarily within the beauty industry), having a clear nezamylenny look and in any unclear situation to smile widely.

In the last paragraph Serezha Ostrikova no competition:

Many of you known as the Creator of sera Hello Beauty, but let’s get acquainted for real, without an official scrape. We invited Sergei to fill in the questionnaire. As a child – remember, the school notebooks with drawings in the margins? Adjusted for the fact that we are not 10 years old, and a little bit more.


Sergey Ostrikov, 31

Hometown — Abakan

Education – PhD in the field of technical aesthetics and design.

Dad is a painter, mother – PhD in methodology of teaching Russian language.

Key events in his career:

  • 2006 – 2008 — senior designer Cosmopolitan
  • 2010 — the first entry in a personal blog on LiveJournal
  • 2012-2018 — development Director at the online store Pudra.ru
  • 2013 — organization of the first prize Pudra Blogger Awards.
  • 2018 — launch of the brand godovogo Hello Beauty @hellobeauty_russia.
  • 2018 – present- development Director of e-commerce in the division Mail.ru Group.
  • 2019 — the launch of high-tech brand BLOM, @blomru. The first tool patches with microneedles.

Questionnaire: about personal

In childhood I dreamed of… to be a biologist.

The first salary I got… in 12 years. The layout of the newspaper in 1999, I was paid 3500-5000 rubles a month.

The best way I know how… to get fat and not getting enough sleep.

I am absolutely sure… if a person has no serious health problems, it can do anything. “Everything is in our hands, so they can not drop” – remember who said that? Now, I fully agree with him.

I can’t forgive… I can forgive anything. Grievances arise because of our expectations, not other people’s actions.

I admire people who… energetic, focused and always in a good mood, that they would have no occurred.

Pictures of him can be seen the hashtag #ostricised.

Ashamed to admit it, but… I often procrastinate. Ashamed of myself. Others it should not worry.

The best way to relieve stress… to sleep, get a massage, the gym or to have sex.

I don’t mind the money… expensive dentistry. Rags go out of fashion, obsolete equipment. Between the new Iphone and dental treatment using the dental microscope, I will choose the latter.

The stupidest thing I’ve heard about them… that I have no right to talk about “feminine” make-up, because I’m a man.

More than anything I want to… create. I have no ambition to “steer subordinates”, but there is a desire to have the resources to implement your plan. And I always have.

I am proud… that he started working with a psychologist, and I regret not doing it sooner. In my opinion, to undergo therapy should at least once in life. Especially before you start a serious relationship or marriage.

I imagine myself… such as this photo:

It is better to cut off than seven times to delay. I finally had the surgery to remove the tonsils, and now I feel the happiest person without chronic sore throat.

And you know what… I consider myself fat and ugly?

Someday I will… love yourself.

Questionnaire: about beauty

I seriously thought about a career in the beauty industry when… worked as a designer for Cosmopolitan. Real life beauty and fashion editors do not like what show in the movie “the Devil wears Prada”, but no less exciting.

Unexpected, but… the best I could come up for processing after the cuticle cutter manicure – steroid anti-bacterial ointment “Belogen” from the pharmacy.

Check and make sure… Garnier Color Naturals for 150 rubles makes the beard much better than the pathetic barberie paint for 1500. But it stinks so much that tears are flowing from my eyes.

Discovery of the year… if you use exfoliating Alpha Complex Rapid Exfoliator, Holy Land instead of aftershave, ingrown hairs and inflammations not be. Imagine: because of them I didn’t shave machine for 15 years.

Most common beauty mistake- a multi-tiered system of care and all that goes with it. The skin is not required 100500 layers of essences-serum-vials creams.

The main mystery of the beauty industry: why so many ugly tools on the shelves and why they buy, although a number are pretty?!

Many changes but one thing always – in the evening we wash and in the morning apply sunscreen.

Everything I’ve learned, in working in beauty, you can sum up in one phrase – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I would not be surprised if — in ten years we’ll still be reading BeautyInsider 🙂

Blitz poll. Three…

…favorite city

New York, Hong Kong And Moscow.

…account on Instagram that I often go

@academic_artwork – academic drawing and painting
@watercolor_inlove – watercolors
@oldushkamodels is a very beautiful profile with age models

…Telegram is a channel that I read


… the last song in my playlist

Max Richter – November
Chloe is Under a blanket
The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

… places in Moscow where I can meet

SKOLKOVO Technopark
Art store “the Red Pencil” Taganskaya
Bookstore “Biblio-Globus” at the Lubyanka

… three fragrances that Express the essence of Sergei Ostrikova

Hermes Eau d’orange Verte — cold as I
Costume National Homme — I like hot,
L’eau Bleue d’issey Pour Homme — as a rapid I.

From today and throughout the week in the blog there will be articles written with the participation of Sergei Ostrikova.

P. S. on Sunday, he will answer the questions in the Instagram account @beautyinsider_magicbox and will hold a live broadcast. The author of the most interesting question (its choose Sergei), we will present the palette of shimmers / highlighters Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette.

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