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Scientists have found a correlation between young pupils and the presence of tumor in the lungs

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But researchers believe that it is possible to learn about human disease. Recently, scientists from the USA found that some types of cancer can be identified by the eyes.

Moreover, they even called the symptoms that accompany this cancer. It turned out that on some of them the doctors had not even paid attention.

Specialists have found external signs, screaming about the presence of cancer. For example, a small pupil can tell about the presence of cancer cells in the lungs. Cheerleaders must also drooping eyelids or a weak tone. In addition to these symptoms in cancer patients have painful sensations in the area of the shoulders, and the person stops sweating even in the heat.

– When we found a connection of these symptoms with lung cancer, we were stunned. After all, nothing like this before. About this relationship before, none of the oncologists and could not think, says Dr. Clay Johnson, who is one of the authors of scientific work.

Scientists believe these data are particularly valuable for practitioners. The identification of lung cancer – the process is quite complex when compared with other types of cancer. This is because the signs of cancer are often identical to the symptoms of familiar colds.

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