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In the eve of February 14 on sale released a new Flanker in the line of fragrances Live Irrésistible from Givenchy. This time vivid released the composition in a concentration of Eau De Parfum Florale (floral perfume) with the name Rosy Crush.

I invite you to get acquainted with the novelty closer!

The author of the composition is the perfumer Dominique Ropion (Dominique Ropion).

Aroma refers to the flower spravim.

The pyramid looks like this:

  • Top notes – Pink pepper, Goji Berries.
  • Heart notes – Peony, rose.
  • Base notes – Half, Patchouli, Musk.

According to the description from the official website of the brand Givenchy:

Live Irrésistible Crush Rosy – pink the epitome of freshness and vitality. Cheerful floral scent, sparkling rich tones of roses and energetic notes of pink pepper. The combination of Goji berries and chypre with patchouli gives the composition the enthusiasm of youth and the elegant sophistication. A bouquet of roses, playing all shades of pink. Rose — brave, pure and poetic color, which carries a good mood. The fragrance for girls, living every moment with the irresistible optimism of pink.


Pink is more than just a color, it is a state of mind.”

🌺 🌹 🌸 💋 🌂 👠 💄 💅 👛 🎈 🌷 🎀 💖 🚺 💁 💐 🌄

As the rest of the series Live Irrésistible, the novelty is released in the tall, slender bottle of pink studded with sparkling legendary brand prisms.

Vials are available in three amounts – 30, 50 and 75 ml.

At the moment the price is set approximately at the level of 5300-5500, 7400-7600 and 8700-9000 respectively (excluding promotions and discounts).

I to experience came, unfortunately, just one small probe volume of 1 ml. And happened a couple of times to use the tester in stores. For a full understanding of the flavor of this a little while, but first impressions are already there. And they are a bit contradictory.

When I tested the scent in the shops, I felt a blast of pink pepper in the first chords, which were very bright and mischievous. But from the sample I had absolutely not heard. But the clothing pepper still shone through. And stayed there quite a long time. But in the samples manifested better beautiful peony and rose, so fresh, so cheerful that I wanted to listen to them and listen. About the Goji berries will not say, because I aroma’t know.

Maybe on different days on different perceptions could affect my mood and state of health, but I decided to try to hold a new test. Although the first Dating experience is quite pleasant.

And now I myself wondering whether to add a bottle of floral water perfume in my collection, or will it remain a pleasant experiment?

Valentine’s Day the brand has released special sets, consisting of Live Irrésistible fragrance Rosy Crush in a volume of 30 ml and lipstick Le Rose Perfecto, combining them into one package called I BELIEVE IN PINK.

In the same packages released sets from the previous Flanker – toilet water Live Irrésistible Blossom Crush.

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