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Awaken your beauty from the new spring collection Waterflower Magic from Kiko Milano

Inspired by the water Lily and born in the harmony of pastel shades, bright shades and shiny textures, this exquisite range of products will fill makeup sparkling freshness in the most romantic time of the year.

New collectionKiko Waterflower Magic bright, but at the same time sweet as the season, which she inspires: spring.

Updated texture products enriched with flower extracts have a fascinating aroma. Innovative formula gently affect the skin. Bright and ultrarealism shades give maximum creative freedom.

Consider the collection in detail.

Waterflower Magic Highlighter Palette

The palette consists of 4 shimmers / highlighters with multi-finish to create a radiant makeup face. The texture is soft, melting, velvety. The formula contains a high concentration of pigments and provides a stable result. 4 different finish allow you to emphasize the reliefs of the face, placing light accents and freshen up the tone. The product is available in one shade combinations.


  • Morning Kiss — creamy neutral beige highlighter shade
  • Sweet Escape — holographic Golden hue
  • Blossom Explosion — peach shade, perfect as a blush
  • Perfect Day — gentle bronze shade

Price: 1 490 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Eyeshadow Palette

The palette consists of 4 superphentermine shadows with different finishes: 3 saturated shade with a matte finish, 1 tone finish of the “ultra-white”. The matte texture of the shadows is soft and silky, uniform and tightly placed. The metallic shade has a light and shining texture with reflective particles for an extraordinary glow. Thanks to the integrated mirror and brush included, this palette is great podoidet for correcting makeup in the way.Palette ideal for creating everyday makeup, and for the evening.

Released in two versions:

  • 01 Piece Of My Heart — warm shades of brown and beige, and rich bronze

  • 02 Sakura Wish – palette includes a cool brown, beige, blue and holographic silver-pink

Price: 1 450 RUB.

Waterflower Magic 3in1 Mascara

Waterflower Magic 3in1 Mascara — this mascara is black in color with two applicators to create a triple effect:

  • The effect of additional volume
  • The effect of twisting
  • The effect of the panoramic volume when combining two textures

Due to the high plasticity of formula and two brushes (straight brush made of a three-dimensional elastomeric, curved – synthetic fiber), both textures can be applied separately for the entire length of lashes, and layering without the risk of lumps and the weight of the makeup.

Price: 750 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner with a tapered felt tip.Perfect to accentuate the eyes and create a superior line of arrows. Liquid texture with high pigmentation, easy to be fixed on the eyelids, creating a line of glittering and sparkling extra-black. Convenient slanted applicator with a slight movement causes clear and geometrically perfect line.

Price: 610 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Vinyl Lip Lacquer

Magic Vinyl Lip Lacquer — this lacquer lip vinyl effect. Designed to give lips a sparkling and ultra-gloss. Vysokomehanizirovannoe texture provides exquisite Shine, liveliness and fullness of color. When this varnish lip gloss has a creamy texture and instantly gives a long lasting feeling of comfort. Tip flock applicator follows the contour of the lips and allows to apply the product perfectly, without spreading, evenly distributing the product across the lips.

Lacquer for lips is presented in6 shades:

  • 01 Silky Sand — a warm caramel shade

  • 02 Dreams Rose — delicate pink

  • 03 Think Orchid — fuchsia

  • 04 Touch of Coral — bright coral

  • 05 Enjoy the Red — a cool red shade

  • 06 Sweet Paprika — brown with a reddish tinge

Price: 710 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Ombre Duo Lipstick

In addition to liquid lipsticks, the collection of Kiko Makeup Spring 2019 there are also new two-tone lipstick with a matte finish and Ombre effect on the finish. Thanks to the formula with a creamy consistency and rich colour, the lipstick glides on the lips and creates a sense of extraordinary comfort.

The product is available in 3 shades:

  • 01 Naked Soul — the shade Nude peach combined with beige

  • 02 Kind of Red — red in combination with light coral

  • 03 Miss Tangerine – bright orange with pink

Price: 710 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Nourishing Lip Oil

Nourishing lip butter with cornflower petals and rose Helichrysum. Hydrates and defines the lips and gives them softness and Shine. Soft, creamy formula gives lips nourishment and comfort. Texture enriched with fresh petals and a delicate aroma with floral notes.

Price: 750 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Blush

Two-color blush with a matte finish. Refresh the complexion and accentuate the relief of the face. The harmonious combination of two shining colors creates a sophisticated coating with the dip-dyed. Silky texture with high pigmentation easy to blend, allowing you to adjust the intensity of color from light to more intense.

The product has a delicate vanilla scent and is presented in 3 shades.

  • 01 Peach Tree — a light beige shade with intense peach

  • 02 Brown Sugar — a bright coral shade combined with cool brown

  • 03 Shiver Pink — light pink combined with bright coral

Price: 1250 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Bronzer

A bronzer with a silky texture, available in two shades. Allows you to create makeup with natural looking tan and radiant.Vysokomehanizirovannoe adjustable formula bronzer is easy to apply and provides long-lasting and uniform matte finish. It is also important that the means are non-comedogenic.

Available in two shades:

  • 01 Warm Honey — for light skin tones

  • 02 Natural Sienna — for dark and tanned

Price: 1250 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Perfecting Powder

Improving the mixing powder with Shine effect. Ultra-light transparent texture is suitable for any skin tone. The innovative formula with reflective particles placed on the skin a weightless veil of silky, fills the skin with natural, delicate glow, improves complexion, imperfections and sets makeup for a long time.

Price: 1250 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Foundation Pigment Drops

Concentrated drops Foundation Magic Foundation Pigment Drops intended for use in conjunction with a moisturizing face cream from the collection Waterflower Magic. This product is a concentrate, and in combination with cream Waterflower Magic Face Cream (or any other base cream) forms BB cream, CC cream or thicker Foundation. The innovative formula allows you to adjust the coverage.

Bottle with a convenient eyedropper dispenser that allows you to add the optimal quantity of the product, contributing to its efficient use.

Magic Foundation Pigment Drops are presented in 8 shades:

  • 01 Ivory
  • 02 Porcelain
  • 03 Light Beige
  • 04 Honey
  • 05 Almond
  • 06 Caramel
  • 07 Hazelnut
  • 08 Cocoa

Price: 790 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Nail Lacquer

To complete the spring look in the new collection Waterflower Magic released three new nail Polish. Magic Nail Lacquer – it’s a brilliant nail Polish with a professional finish. It is composed of pigments with high concentration of pearl particles that reflect light and create a sophisticated glossy effect. Thanks to a brush with long bristles and rounded shape of the tip which perfectly follows the shape of the nail lacquer is easy to apply.


  • 01 Kiss the Sky — sky blue
  • 02 Watermelon Field, red juicy
  • 03 Mauve Infusion — a mixture of pink and red with brown undertone

Also, the spring collection includes products for skin care.

Waterflower Magic Face Scrub

Multifunction facial scrub with exfoliating and cleansing action.

Ideal for cleansing and preparing the skin for the spring-summer season. Innovative dual action formula enriched with extracts of Lotus flowers, which give the product a floral fragrance. Leaves skin soft, smooth and clean, including antiziganism has effect.

Price: 490 roubles

Waterflower Magic Face Mask

An ideal product for skin care is cleansing facial clay-based with extract of Lotus flowers.Lightweight formula promises to rid the skin of toxins and impurities for smooth and glowing skin. Also, the mask has sebum-regulating effect. Absorbent and creamy texture gives the skin the scent and softness without heaviness. Easy to apply and hold, does not move, allowing you to do everyday things while the mask works.

Price: 550 RUB.

Waterflower Magic Face Cream

Among the means to care for the skin also has moisturizing cream illuminizer for the face. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and extract of Lotus flower to nourish the skin. Light melting texture gives a pleasant sensation when applied.

Multifunctional product mix&match: depending on the amount of added tone dropsWaterflower Magic Foundation Pigment Drops (1 to 3) is converted to the BB cream, CC cream or thicker Foundation.

Price: 790 RUB.

Waterflower Magic 3in1kabuki Brush

Of the accessories in her spring collectionKiko Milano offers a versatile Kabuki brush for applying and blending blush, broselow and shimmers / highlighters. Extremely soft and thick pile ensures a uniform coating of variable intensity, and the flat shape of the brush ensures easy and quick application.

Price: 1350 RUB

CollectionKiko Waterflower already on sale in the official store brand.

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