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It is difficult to find and easy to lose: social networks are full of quotations, and the clothes and makeup are just full. She strives to perfect and never forgets about self-improvement, and its main goal is to build your love. The provincial — it is almost a modern geisha. Romantic, elegant, bright and surrounded by admirers. She especially appreciates makeup, and if you have not yet attained to his high art, wants to learn all its intricacies. And that it gives a mysterious and elusive girl — proof, as they say, is obvious. If you are familiar at least two items from this list — welcome to the club!

The desire and ability to wear all the best from

  • Makeup

    His eyes: makeup do guys like

  • Makeup

    Guest from the past: the makeup that belongs in a Museum

Life is too short to limit yourself. The real star is allows everything for a perfect manicure, a sophisticated hairstyle, contouring, highlighter and a full lip makeup (pencil, lipstick and gloss are required). In order for myself not to run, have to get up at five in the morning, otherwise you can not make it on the train to the capital. The main thing — do not lose heart. Traces of lack of sleep perfect hide concealer, and a strong and healthy sleep princes pecking only in a fairy tale. And even there, the poor thing had to wait a hundred years.


The key word on which the provincial can be calculated even in the comments. It refers to the entire complex and inaccessible to ordinary mortals beauty immediately: the arrow to his temple, heavily decorated with sequins, false eyelashes feather, aquarium nail design and dress from neck to thigh. The original beauties on the Christmas table there’s always a salad in the form of symbol of the year, loaf and doves at the wedding, and at every other photo she certainly embraces something indescribably beautiful — spreading tree, for example, or a huge bouquet of flowers. And writes poems, of course.

No worse than all

Everyone knows that the girl girl is a competitor, and makeup is one of the main weapons in the battle. One big country acquired nuclear weapons, it urgently needed the rest of the world. The star of “House-2” has increased the lips, and then all we need is a little hyaluronic acid (a lot better, you only live once). If the cosmetologist is now not enough money, you can buy glitter-planar or special vacuum gadget. The effect does not last long, but for a couple hundred selfies enough time. In the end, the desired lip volume can simply draw. Skillful hands will easily add three to five millimeters in top and bottom — no one will notice. And if you build lashes without a break, no one will doubt that they are real.

There’s a real eternal fashion and there are some nonsense

For example, a makeup without mascara. You have no eyes, and that can’t happen. And pink shadow — with them you are gonna look like crying and sick. Purple lipstick on the catwalk? Well, no wonder: first ugly sneakers, then clothes and now this. Yes, no man ain’t buying it, and she knows it instinctively. Fashion should be attractive, and some well-known designers understand it. Here is their something replica and need to buy!

Thrifty chic

In the end, she’s the future lady of the big house — we need to develop skills. The eyelashes and hair can build up on the coupons and the excellent tan — get free right in the city Park. To pay full price for brands also optional: she knows where the lipstick Kylie are three times cheaper than on official site. And no need to wait for two weeks! If the complex make-up have not yet mastered, you can always find makeup artist free. It is sufficient to apply as a model at the time: for example, at six in the morning on Saturday.

Iron self-control

Summer is not a reason to take time off and go with a bare face. Under the scorching sun to keep make-up may be difficult, but somehow cope. Difficulties can arise in the gym or in the pool, but here come to the aid of water-resistant cosmetics. The club is the best place for Dating and an ideal location for a selfie, so it is impossible to relax. It looks perfect everywhere: on a ski slope, at the seaside, in the country and even in the campaign. Be prepared for the most important meeting in my life every day, from morning to evening.

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