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Swingers festival was marred by one of the participants, which during the event had a heart attack.

a heart attack

In the UK passed on the eve of a major festival Swingers (stable couples, who exchange partners for sex). The event lasted three days, but was marred by an accident – one of the participants directly during the event has caught a heart attack.

Trouble happened to 52-year-old woman who arrived at the festival in Worcestershire as one of the participants. Her name was not called in the interests of the victim. It is known that at some point the woman started to choke, he noticed other members who called for help. On the spot she had undergone CPR, after which the victim was taken to hospital by helicopter. Doctors examined the patient and concluded that she had a heart attack.

As representatives of the festival, it was attended by about 700 people and they were all shocked by what happened. Because of this incident, the participants of the festival for some time could not recover, but in the end the event was held in full format. As for the patient, it in the near future is planned to be discharged from the hospital, now her life and health threatens nothing.

It is interesting that Swingers festival, which was attended by the victim, usually held in strict secrecy. A heart attack one of the participants to give publicity to the event, which many did not want.

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