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In the old pillow lies a lot of dangers that can harm your health. On that note, said the expert.

When a person sleeps, he sweats. A day on the pillow, the dust settles, this creates ideal conditions for the breeding of dangerous fungi and bacteria. So sleep on a pillow is not only dangerous, but simply unpleasant.

We can’t exactly determine when to send the pillow in the trash. It requires a personal approach. It all depends on the material of the product and its filler. Another huge importance is care from the owner, rightly microbiologist Ernest Micham.

Despite the individual approach, the expert voiced a few indicators that you need to pay attention. So, the pillow should be replaced by another, if:

  • You more uncomfortable to lie to her, you constantly toss and turn and correct her. In the morning you often have sore back and neck;
  • The filler began to roll lumps, and the surface has lost its smoothness. Even at first glance it becomes clear that the cushion is worn out;
  • From cushion the unpleasant smell. He may not go even after washing.
  • Expert advises to pay attention to these signs and not risk their health.

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