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The crew is noted for its unique sense of style

Timothy Salame known for its striking images for public events and red carpets. However, the young actor is not just able to apply beautiful clothes, he stylized.

On this side of the talent Timothy Salama told the Director of “Little women” Greta Gerwig in an interview with Variety.

“The truth is that costume designer Jacqueline durran said that Timothy is so beautiful taste that she would let him do whatever he wants, — said Greta Gerwig. — It hung a few costumes in his trailer with the words “wear anything you like””.

According to Jacqueline durran, while working on the image of Laurie Lawrence, the hero Timothy, she took into account the huge fan base of the actor and wanted to do the character costumes are as accessible to his audience. When creating a wardrobe stylist relied on the prevailing style of the actor, and were inspired by images of a young Bob Dylan and subculture the British Teddy boys.

“When we did the fitting, I told him: look what we have, how would you wore it? — told Jacqueline durran about creating the image of Timothy Salama in the film. —So we worked and made a part of Timothy in the styling of his character. He has a special approach to clothing. He is a unique young man, one of the most stylish people I have ever met”.

Previously Timothy Salame and saoirse Ronan shared his feelings on the shooting of “Little women.” They also talked about how to change clothes on the set.



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