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Five doctors helped patients to get rid of wrinkles, pigmentation and other aging changes. How they got it and whether? Vote for the best score!

Three months ago Ultraceuticals have launched a project RVR90 (Real Visible Results in 90 days). His goal is to show what results can be achieved using only skincare brand, and without resorting to hardware treatment.

Doctor-winners are chosen by a jury including our Jan Z. and founder of Ultraceuticals, Dr. Heber. The doctor will go to Australia to meet with Dr. Heber and his patients will receive the annual stock funds brand.

So, five beauticians chose three volunteers:

  • acne;
  • pigmentation;
  • age-related changes.

According to the contest participant able to assign patients, any home care, consisting of the means of Ultraceuticals, and doing salon treatments using cosmetics of the same brand.

Look, do to look younger heroine with aging — and vote for those who became.

Galina, 53

Doctor Svetlana lace, the beauty salon Angel:

In the process of treatment it became clear that Galina have allergies, so the retinol has started swelling. We canceled the serum vitamin a and returned it later, when the skin is used to.

Noticeable age-related changes only from skin funds can be expected. But the result is still there: the tone is evened out, dark spots have pale pores are narrowed, the skin became tighter.

Salon Angel: Reutov, street October 10. Phone: 8 (495) 777 54 64.

Svetlana, 47 years

The doctor Aisulu Tokayev, the boutique beauty and cosmetology Aesthetica Beauty Boutique.

Svetlana had not paid so much attention to facial care. So I enjoyed watching how the process has changed the state of her skin: evened out tone and texture, there was the void, left swelling.

Aesthetica Beauty Boutique: Neglinnaya str., 14 p. 1A. Phone: +7 (495) 258-71-49.

Ilona, 39 years

The doctor Arina Kireeva the beauty salon Saco on the Park of culture.

In the treatment of skin Ilona reacted well, so we practically have not changed, only increased concentration of active ingredients.

The result I really like! Improved tone, for a low price. I would like to mention how turned paler pigmentation. Contrast especially noticeable if you look at the neck on which the funds are not applied.

Beauty salon Saco: Burdenko street, 3. Phone: 8 (495) 488-67-83.

Natalia, 62

Doctor Maya Samoylova, clinic of aesthetic medicine TORI.

A month after the start of the program we had to cancel the milk and acid peeling serum — skin Natalia was too sensitive. Only retinol was great.

However, the skin quality has improved, Natalia definitely looks fresher. Of course, for correction of age changes is not sufficient to just cosmetics. We need a comprehensive therapy: injection, hardware cosmetology, contouring. So the result is not as bright as could be.

The clinic is Tori: 3-y Donskoy proezd, 1. Phone: +7 (495) 021-69-12

Oksana, age 48

Doctor Irina Markelova, clinic successful cosmetology “Estelab”.

Usually in the case of anti-age therapy for in-home care is supportive treatment, but not the main program. But noticeable changes can be achieved to them. In this case the result I really like. Skin texture has improved, pores narrowed and, most importantly, it decreased the depth of wrinkles.

The “clinic Estelab”: Narodnaya str., 12. Phone: 8(495)646-87-89.

Vote for the hero, whose result you like best, and he will receive a gift: one set Ultraceuticals.

Who has the best score?

  • Galina (doctor Svetlana lace)

  • Svetlana (the doctor Tokayev Aisulu)

  • Ilona (a physician Arina Kireeva)

  • Natalia (doctor Maya Samoylova)

  • Oksana (doctor Irina Markelova)


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