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The combination of tea and carrots can halt the progression of Alzheimer’s and restore memory. This told the scientists from Liberia.

Professor of physiology and neurobiology the school of medicine Keck Terrence town (Liberia) said that to achieve the desired result, it is not necessary to wait 10 or 12 years. Simply change your diet now.

Scientists conducted a study in which they examined two compounds: EGCG component of green tea and FA — Frolovo acid contained in carrots.

Was performed again on mice, which showed that the combination of active substances green tea and carrots have a much greater impact on the brain than individually.

Three months before and after this diet the researchers conducted several neuropsychological tests on his subjects. The results were similar to those that cause dementia in humans.

– Three months after a special diet of rodents recovered working memory, and those that had Alzheimer’s, began to behave on a par with healthy individuals, – said the Professor.

He also stressed that the phytochemicals of carrot and tea reduce neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in the brain, which are the key pathologies of the disease. Therefore, green tea and carrots can become a very desired foods in the diet of people who are already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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