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Nutritionists have called the best vegetables and berries which will help to maintain the youthful appearance and health until old age.

At the head of the list is berries. Queen of which scientists consider the blueberries. The fruit of this plant is full of antioxidants that help cells to detoxify and to be younger. Bilberry also contains collagen, which is useful for skin and joints is a substance that keeps cells in good shape.

In addition, the list of “rejuvenating” foods – radish, horseradish and cabbage Vylkove. It is also useful to lean on fruit and other vegetables. They contain a serious amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Among the most in nutritionists was quite new for the Russian kitchen products – avocado and ginger. And the one that we used to see next to sushi, it is also very helpful, so eat it. The list is garlic. Repeatedly scientists have proved its anti-cancer properties. But still a lot of benefit from it to nails and hair.

Experienced nutritionists believe that an excessive amount of need in itself hides the carrots. It contained beta-keratin helps to maintain the good level of immunity, improves vision and slows the aging process of skin cells.

Recently, scientists have found that the most useful thing this vegetable is eaten in combination with green tea. Details of the study, read the material: to Keep a clear mind and memory until death will help tea and carrots

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