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The scientists said that vitamin deficiency is not only harmful to health, but also prevents to get rid of excess weight.

Many women complain that despite great efforts, regular exercise and rigid diet they can’t lose weight. But recently, scientists made a discovery that could help some people find the cause of this unfortunate ugliness..

Employees of the National health service in the UK found that inadequate intake of vitamin C can not only slow down but actually stop the process of weight loss.

– Deficiency of vitamin C causes weight gain. But that’s not all the symptoms! Also reduced immunity, there in a bad mood and chronic fatigue, – said Adam Smith, the author of the research team.

The expert also noted that most weight gain is not only due to improper diet and low physical activity. The culprits may be Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Vitamin C can be found in many products. These include: red pepper, rose hips, black currants, kiwi, lemons and oranges, liver and kidneys.

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