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The cardiologist described the ways that will help to get rid of high blood pressure at home.

Some people constantly and sometimes unreasonably increased blood pressure. So they often drink the pesky pills. But to normalize their condition can be simple household ways. By the way, a lot depends on the supply.

Cardiologist European centre for health Yevgeny Mikhailov told how to lower blood pressure without pills

According to experts, you need to establish for themselves the correct diet. Diet will help to normalize the pressure and get rid of early signs of hypertension two weeks. Must eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits. You can add fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products.

Doctors advise plenty of rest and often make emotional and physical relief. At least once a day! You can relax in different ways, but a good walk in solitude or meditation.

Experts strongly recommend not to use salt and alcohol.

– Remember, blood pressure often appears due to excess weight. So you should think about the diet in order to lose weight, – said Evgenia Mikhailova.

It is worth noting that all these tips are suitable for people who do not have hypertension in the chronic form. When the first signs of this disease. Remember! If the pressure jumped to a critical point, it is not necessary to rely on various tips, immediately consult a specialist.

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