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Scientists have figured out what kind of benefits people bring two cups of chamomile tea

About the beneficial properties of chamomile tea has long been known. Our grandparents picked flowers in the fields and made them aromatic tincture. And now in pharmacies a large selection of chamomile tea. By the way, to obtain the maximum vitamins from the drink best to drink it without sugar.

Employees of the University of Aberystwyth (UK) and Tokyo (Japan) claim that tea made from chamomile helps to reduce blood glucose levels and also to deal with complications that cause diabetes. Tincture of this plant also helps fight blindness, depression, complications of kidney disease, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular disease. This theory was proved by the experiment.

Volunteers for three weeks drank two cups a day of chamomile tea. As a result, the glucose levels they have decreased by almost 25%. But scientists say that you can drink more servings of drinks from chamomile. According to them, nothing bad, certainly not going to happen. On the contrary, the body receives a double dose of good.

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