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A nutritionist has shared the secret of how to turn ordinary oatmeal into a useful 100% of the product.

Porridge — a useful product, know it all. Seems much much easier to cook it: pour the boiling water and cereal to eat for Breakfast. But, it turns out, there are some nuances. Nutritionist Marina Misheva told me how to cook this dish to save all useful properties of oat grain.

Rule # 1. Oatmeal is better to cook with milk

Suitable cow’s milk and soy milk. The expert explained that the fiber of oats is well-connected with protein milk. Great would be if you add some nuts or flax seeds.

Rule # 2. A pinch of salt

It is considered that salt is unhealthy, but this is misleading. The nutritionist explained that the salt will provide the body with minerals. Add in the beginning of cooking. Then the mess will bring a pleasant aroma of smoke.

Rule # 3. Stir the porridge

Sometimes people when cooking tend to mix the porridge when it is cooked. Nutritionist recommends every five minutes to mix up your next Breakfast.

Rule # 4. Observe the cooking time.

Rolled oats cook quickly, but not in the second. It is important to give mashed the grains to absorb the boiling milk. This will be the porridge even tastier.

Rule # 5. Allow porridge to stand for.

The nutritionist advises to give the dish stand for five minutes, and preferably ten. This will give the porridge to become even more useful.

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