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Nutrition specialist explained, why you should not avoid mayonnaise. It turned out that there is no “chemistry” in it, but vegetable oil and eggs will help to maintain health.

Many people have formed the opinion that mayonnaise is a terribly harmful product, eat them categorically impossible. However, professionals think otherwise.

Misconception # 1. Mayonnaise a lot of “chemistry”.

– If you look at the composition, in addition to vegetable oil, egg yolk, salt and mustard and other natural flavors you can hardly see in normal quality mayonnaise something else – explains Valentina Ignatyeva, specialist in healthy eating. This product can also be preservatives, but they are safe and natural, and thickeners made from seaweed, gum trees, fiber citrus.

Misconception №2. TRANS fats.

It is also a myth. The specialist explained that in the mayonnaise. No oils are coconut and palm margarine. After all, TRANS fats in its structure, solid, manufacturers of mayonnaise they do not need to use.

Misconception # 3. Dangerous calories.

No doubt, Mayo – product high in calories. If you take a classic, 100 grams of the product was 67 grams is fat, and energy value – kcal 624. However, the danger of these calories are also greatly exaggerated.

According to a study by American scientists, which was attended by four thousand people, the mayonnaise may be beneficial. If people eat correctly (do not abuse fast food, sweet and white bread), they almost do not need to control how much they eat vegetable fats. And vegetable oil, which is mayonnaise-based, useful, – explains Valentine Ignatyev.

Contained in the vegetable oil fatty acids omega-3 has beneficial effect on the body. But a lack of it is fraught with problems with the heart, immunity, metabolism, also increases the risk of cancer.

Therefore, it is important to eat foods that contain omega-3. Mayonnaise, which has sesame, flax, camelina, hemp and cedar oil are most useful. In addition, these oils can drop to add to the product themselves. This is very useful in the prevention of heart disease and blood vessels diseases and cancer.

Misconception # 4. Mayonnaise contains egg yolks, and they are harmful.

More than half a century, many experts asserted that mayonnaise is a source of harmful cholesterol that kills the heart and blood vessels. But recent studies have shown that this is far from reality. Harmful fat that is found in lamb, beef, duck, pork.

– The cholesterol we get from eggs does not have bad effects on the cardiovascular system. The yolks of eggs contain nutritious minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, it is important to eat it, – says nutritionist.

It turns out that mayonnaise is safe and even useful product. But it is important to eat it in moderation – no more than one tablespoon per one serving. Well, given its calorie content, not to add to the food to go for dinner. In this case, with the body and your health will be fine.

It is noteworthy that despite all the taboos and preconceived misconceptions, more than 90 percent of Russians eat mayonnaise, about half – daily. According to statistics, in the year the inhabitants of Russia consume more than 4 pounds of mayonnaise.

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