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Scientists have found useful for vessels substance in grape drink.

Recently researchers found in red wine substance called resveratrol. It is contained in grape skins. Although this feature has long been considered as useful, there was no evidence that he actually helped in severe diseases.

The staff of king’s College London found that resveratrol interacts with protein PKG1, which is attached to the walls of blood vessels. It adds oxygen, which helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels that helps lower blood pressure.

Obtained data will allow to examine more carefully the mechanism of action of this useful component. By the way, some earlier, it was believed that antioxidant do not allow oxygen to damage the cells of the body, – says the participant of the research group Henry Lancel.

Only recently it became known that resveratrol produces the opposite effect. That is, it helps the oxygen to penetrate the proteins from the bloodstream and oxidize them.

However, fans of red wine should not be happy to pounce on this drink. After all, to get the required amount of this component, you need to drink wine more permitted norms. However, according to the researchers, to vessels be useful to drink a glass of red wine once in two or three days.

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