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L’oreal Professionnel have released toning creams to maintain the cold shades. Show how they work on the blonde and the brunette.

L’oreal Professionnel has released the tinted balms for home use between colorings. As and CC creams for the face, which slightly evens the skin tone, these must adjust the tint to make it cooler, remove the red and yellow glare. In line two of cream to very light blonde for Blondes and blondes and brunettes Brunettes.

To show how new items work, we asked art Director salon Brush of Alexei Nagorskaya (you may remember how Lena learned from him twist curls) and instagram bloggers Anastasia @anassteyssha and ISA @aizamagic.

Correction toning CC cream Vitamino Colour Corrector Blondes, L’oreal Professionnel

Model Nastya

Nastya has gorgeous hair — long, very thick, bleached and dyed.


She lightened and dyed my hair about a month ago, so yellowing has stood out.

Alex: “When the artificial dye starts to wash, Peeps bleached base. Blondes yellow, brown — orange or copper. But in any case, it warm colors because the blue pigments are the most fragile and first to disappear. The more dye is washed away, the more yellow head.

You have to understand that SS-cream is actually not paint, but only covers the warm shades. That is superimposed on the already existing color. Therefore Vitamino Colour Corrector is suitable for between coloring, but may not replace them.”

“To solve that you need to start using the cream can only you — when you notice the yellowing. It depends on the type of hair and lifestyle: how porous they are, how quickly they washed out of color, how often you wash your hair and stacked hot tools. On average, start to adjust the color in a couple of weeks after dyeing”.

First, Alex washes Nastya’s head, and along the way shares his lifehack: to creams to cool shade worked better, you can first use a shampoo with blue pigments.

Then the master applies CC cream for blondes Blondes. Turns out he’s bright blue. But have no fear — blue hair just would not) But may be green. Not for long — just at the time of application: it is a blue pigment of the balm layered on yellows in your hair. Is to wash off the cream, the whole rainbow will disappear, leaving only cold blond.

Must be applied generously, as should be rubbing cream into every strand. The longer you didn’t wear makeup, the more balm you will need. Nastina on thick hair left third of the tube. During application be sure that all the hair was a uniform color.

We were a little scared, Nastya no

And because the cream is also caring, conditioners and masks after it is not required. Stand 10 minutes and wash off.

Finally, Alex curls Nastya curls — because they are awful)


Nastya after:

Looking before and after:

Throughout the length of the tone became colder. And closer to the roots of yellowness still some left. First, because the painted Anastasia a month ago. And secondly, on this part of the hair was darker — such would work much better CC cream Brunettes. Despite the name, it is great for dark blondes.

Nastya: “I like it! The ends were much lighter”.

Correction toning CC cream Vitamino Colour Corrector Brunettes, L’oreal Professionnel

Model ISA

At ISA is also a great hair — thick and thick, painted 1.5 months ago.

It seems to adjust there isn’t much. But ISA a few months ago to lighten my hair, then toned, and now the paint just washed away.

It is noticeable that the hair is non — uniform hue at the ends, where there was lightening, but a yellow undertone.

The scheme of work is the same. My head.

Apply CC cream — this one is for brunettes Brunettes.

The balm is a deep, dark purple.

Alex: “This cream works great and dark blonde will give you a chill, but not turn into a brunette.”

To regret means it is not necessary — each strand should be well “hidden”.

The first time SS-cream hair ISA not taken, too little has been artificial pigment on the ends, the difference between “before” and “after”. And Alex decided to make another pass. But now to the purple cream for brunettes slipped a little blue for blondes — it’s more ashen pigment, which should help.

And it worked! Dry.

And that’s what happened — the color evened out and the ends look thicker. ISA is happy)

The difference between ends and roots are almost there.

ISA: “As if really painted! I like”.

Looking before and after:

Alex: “This correction on average is enough for 3-4 washes. Then you need to repeat. And remember that CC creams though and will delay your trip to the salon, but will not eliminate it.”

We caught up with the girls in a couple of weeks to see how they’re doing.

Nastya: “Toning is kept still, and good! But at the roots where the hair is much darker, I will use the tool for brunettes from the same series. Still I’m not fully blonde)”

ISA: “I loved it! 🙂 Tinted lasted somewhere 7-10 days, but every day I wash my hair, it should be considered”.

Price CC cream Vitamino Colour Corrector, L’oreal Professionnel: 1290 RUB. in the “Rive Gauche”

Thank you for your cooperation Alexei and Nagorny salon Brush, and girls — Nastya @anassteyssha and ISA @aizamagic.


Toning CC creams Vitamino Colour Corrector, L'oreal Professionnel: look in

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